The Challenge

Krasamo makes mobile and custom applications and interfaces with an emphasis on Bluetooth and IoT, but their brand and website didn’t convey that as clearly as it could. We were tasked with repositioning Krasamo, internally and externally, as a modern, forward-thinking application development shop.

The Solution

We redesigned the website and provided collateral & marketing materials, revamped social channels and kick-started shareable content with blogs and social posts. We went even further by implementing an agile-light approach to project management and product design, re-tooling the design department from the ground up.


A large part of the process was defining it to begin with. We decided on an agile-light approach incorporating daily stand-ups and scrum features, with an emphasis on iteration and client engagement.

Brand Refresh

Initial steps involved market research and competitive visual analysis. An already strong logo let us focus on revamping the overall brand and identity, with a focus on a modern, clean aesthetic with pops of vibrant color.

Website Design

The Krasamo website served as the primary source of sales and marketing efforts, meaning it was the top priority in the rebranding strategy. We iterated quickly to launch a responsive, single-page MVP version and fast-followed with a full site and portfolio two weeks later. Special attention was paid to Search Engine Optimization, allowing for maximum discoverability without ad purchases. Within 30 days site traffic had increased by 400% and began to appear on the first page of targeted Google search results.


Traffic Increase


Supporting Materials

Another top priority was taking their preexisting work and creating high-quality visual collateral for use on their website, presentation decks, and sales & marketing materials.

Matthew is an exceptional designer; his designs are beautiful and functional. (He) can aggregate customer and engineering requirements and effectively integrate these requirements into a comprehensive design. He seeks out customer and peer input, incorporating the resulting feedback into his designs. I would strongly recommend Matthew to anyone looking for a professional UI/UX designer.
Michael Krasnicki

President, Krasamo